Since antient human has need to protect himself and his fortune. Feeling of responsibility to goods he dreated is part of our daily life. The best way how to minimize the gamble is by technical equipments. Modern age and improvement brings innumerable amount of of electronic systems, which were made to protect fortune, to monitor persons and effect security. Company KELCOM INTERNATIONAL s.r.o., SENICA as autonomous subject came into beeing in 30.12.1991 and gradually we have been taken place between most important slovak companies in the field of security for propriety and persons. Our activities taken place in Slovak republic, but also abroad. We are providing requirements of our customers by Licence to performing of technical services in this fields:

    *  industrial television - camera systems

    *  fire signalization and radio

    *  security systems  
    *  access and attendance systems 
    *  patrol systems 

    *  perimetrical object security

    *  sateliite systems

    *  automatic doors and gates

    *  audio - video equipment

    *  slaboprdov and structural cabling

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