Description of system and attributes

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System attributes - Otvorenosť and compatibility

Main characteristic signs of syste Aktion in sequence to company informative and security technologies.

- System elaboration by operating systemom Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
- Used database server MS SQL 7.0, 2000 and web server IIS
- Entrance into database by SQL client from any place on net by users concession
- Dependable operation also without server connection (off-line)
- Printing of reports by own design
- Graphic photo worked by software ACL, which concern drivers to operate photo system.
- Advantage of whole photo-system is possibility of ID card graphic design, using personal datas
   from database, establish digital photo and card impress in few seconds
- Optional datas outgoing into other interface (dbf, xls, rtf, txt,...)
- Maximal rate use of current system - turnstiles, gates and cabling
- Security against vandalism by tamper connection to security central
- Monitoring employees in singular sections and their absence by define on attendance terminal
- High system transmittance
- Certificated HW components in authoring laboratories in Czech and Slovak republic.
- Detectors APR-P20 are certificated into explosive environment. System certificates in category 
   "Top secret".

Description SW
Unlimited number of workdays, work seansonsand shift calendars with own head line.

Open, periodic, variable, week, shift work time (normal or variable).

5 type of shifts (morning, afternoon, night, day long 24h, day 12h, night 12h and short) with possibility to regulate lenght of work core, by contract, limited, from fond and minimal time for credit.

Shift calendars for each kinds of work time with automatic period generate.

Regulation of breaks periodicaly or in certain time (include lenght) for each type of work day.

Calculation of undo time by definated wage components (undo, inclusive, rest, break, overtime, bonuses for weekend/night, lunch, travel on business, paragraph, idle time payed/unpayed, shift no. 1/2/3,...).

3 types of bonuses with time definition.
Regulating allow of absence, round off access or leave include breack off, and so on.

Option to editate notation by managers, approve absence, manual data insertion for special wage items, print of summary, closure, data export into wage SW and other functions.

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