Block system schema

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Technology Client-Server

Operation in networks LAN, WAN VPN. Unlimited number of identifiers and users.

Entrance control

Operating items for 1 - 2 doors. Datal highway with speed 57600 b/s. Entry by card or card with PIN. Door assurance (alarm) Function "Antipassback".

Attendance evidence

Inteligent terminals with touch display. Information about work time of persons on display. Managing of turnikets and elec. locks. Function of random person control. Easy handling.

Entry control

Gates command. Long dosage of detectors till 50m. Control legitimacy to drive car (personal card + car) Function "Antipassback".

Sample of network aplication

CBC communication

Data transfer in attendance system doesn´t ballast network and minimize mount of transfered datas (saving finance in networks VPN).

Mode on / off line

In memory are all persons and their access rights.

Partional actualization

System allows saving changes of access right just one person in attendance controler.

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