Services and activities:

  • Suggest and gualify of propriety security
  • Security project of object
  • Complete realisation and installation
  • Revisions and professionaal controls
  • Guarantee and afterguarantee service

Technologies and supplies:

  • Security systems
  • Fire signalization
  • Industrial television
  • Automatic doors
  • Perimetrical security
  • Satellitic and antenna technique
  • Telephone frames

Actually people we are often complaining of increasing number of steals and propriety assaulting. Fortunately our modern age largely changed our relation to propriety - common or private. We are not powerless by this kind of criminality.

One of really effective form how to protect fortune is electronical assurance. Assortment is very large. Many of this products are using increasingly inteligence and operating systems integrate more and more functions or options.

Security system besides security, can perform also informative functions. For example, it could inform us when children enter the house, or turn on the heating, lights and so on. Neither cabels using is now neccesary. Many systems can communicate by radon contacts.

Don´t worry about details. Just tell our mechanics what you need from system to do. They can qualify all gambles for your fortune, they will offer you optimal solution and they will suggest the best components in acceptable prices.

We will suggest the system, project it, install it, we will learn you how to handle with it. We will make lawful revisions and we will take it into service database. In case of problems we can help you in very short time. Elektronical systems are really secure and in valid prices for everyone.

                                       Your propriety is surely more valued than technology for it´s security.

                                                                     Protect you and your propriety.



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